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Who We Are

OzTREKK is a Canadian application and information centre for Canadian students considering studying at select Australian universities. We’re a company based in Perth, Ontario, midway between Ottawa and Toronto, and we travel across Canada to meet our students and to help them prepare for study in Australia. OzTREKK has assisted students from every province in Canada—and in one territory!


We believe in chasing dreams and we are committed to helping you achieve yours. Besides being a great experience, studying at an Australian university is a great way to gain an edge in an increasingly globalized economy. No matter which university or program you choose, international study in Australia will give you access to unique academic, professional and personal opportunities.


Applying to an overseas university can be complicated and overwhelming. In order to provide the best services to our students, we've created a process that is easy to use, streamlined and efficient. We walk you through each step—from the moment you start considering the idea right through to your arrival in Australia. We help you prepare for a journey that will change your life!


OzTREKK is your Canadian connection to study in Australia! OzTREKK is an official international agent for the following world-class Australian universities:


The OzTREKK Application is free to all students as our services are provided on behalf of, and fully funded by, the above Australian universities. We make the connection between what Australian universities offer and what Canadian students need.

"OzTREKK has been amazing. I don't think I would be here without them. They are always quick to reply to any questions or concerns by email and they are very knowledgable and reliable. I've had an amazing experience with OzTREKK and am so glad that such a thing exists!" Jasmine W. (Macquarie University, Master of Marine Science and Management)


Founded in 2002, OzTREKK is a team of extraordinary people who genuinely care about helping you to follow your dreams. For more than a decade, we have assisted thousands of students pursue their desire to pursue study in Australia. We believe life is a journey. When it is time to reflect on your life, did you lead or follow? Did you take the road less travelled? Did you blaze your own trail?

OzTREKK team members are experts in Australian university education. We have lived and travelled around the world, Australia, and Canada. We have worked with thousands of Canadian students who have studied Down Under. Our firsthand knowledge and experience of Australia, its universities and lifestyle, have made OzTREKK a trusted source of information for Canadians. We enjoy our work and we take pride in being friendly, honest and responsive. We take time for each student, and we always try to go that extra mile!

"Amazing. The application process was easy thanks to OzTREKK and with them being so organized, everything was laid out for easy decision making." Sarah M. (Master of International Public Health, University of Queensland)


At OzTREKK, we provide the most up-to-date information about the programs offered at Australian universities and about the Australian university system. Because we are in constant communication with our Australian university partners, we are able to provide accurate information regarding admissions criteria, tuition fees, and semester intakes.

Even before you apply, you may have questions regarding your program of interest:

OzTREKK’s mission is simple: To prepare students for a first-class international educational experience in Australia.

OzTREKK Admissions Officers are trained to answer these questions—and more. We are always just a phone call or email away. OzTREKK will help you decide which program is right for you, and in some instances, which Australian university will best suit you. We will also help you to understand certification and licensing processes required for your program. OzTREKK provides all the application documents required for admission into your program of choice, and we walk you through the application process step by step so nothing is forgotten.

Choosing to study in Australia is a big decision! That's why we've made the application process stress free. Your OzTREKK Admissions Officer will always let you know when your documents have arrived at the OzTREKK office, and will confirm when your university application is complete. Your complete application will then be submitted directly to the applicable admissions officer in Australia.

"Without OzTREKK's help and concern on my application, I don't know how I would have possibly even finished my application. The help and response I received from OzTREKK were invaluable and incomparable to any organization from which I received any kind of academic-related help." Jun Sung P. (Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Melbourne)

After you've applied, OzTREKK will let you know the expected application outcome timeline, and what to expect should you receive an offer. We help you understand your Letter of Offer, its lapse date, deposit payments, and student loan and scholarship options. OzTREKK will then assist you with the acceptance process. We will explain your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), the student visa process, and all other required documents for your acceptance.

After you've received your CoE, OzTREKK will guide you through the pre-departure process: accommodation and travel arrangements, airport pick-up, and university orientation and enrolment. We also provide you with a list of other OzTREKK students who will be studying in Australia with you so you will have an instant network of friends and future classmates!

And if you have questions about what's going on with your Australian university, you can check out the OzTREKK Blog! We know that you need to be aware of what's going on at your university, and in your program. Any time OzTREKK receives program updates or general news from our Australian university partners, you will find it in the OzTREKK Blog.

Choosing to study in Australia is a huge decision and we're here to help you every step of the way. But don't take our word for it—we provide a "second opinion"— and a third, and a fiftieth.... If you're wondering what other people think of OzTREKK's services, you'll find hundreds of OzTREKK Student Reviews to help answer your questions!

So, what's your dream?

“I would most definitely recommend OzTREKK. It was as if I had a best friend who had already gone and done everything, and always knew exactly what to do.”
Keith Helson
Bond University Postgraduate Diploma of Education student
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