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Study Abroad in Australia

Study Abroad programs provide the opportunity for university students from Canada to complete one semester or one year at a university in Australia. The subjects taken while studying abroad award credits, which are transferable to the student's Canadian university degree.

When students choose to study in a foreign country, they gain a unique, unforgettable learning experience. Students who seize such an opportunity are often better equipped to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing work environments.

A Study Abroad program transplants a student into a new culture across the globe, and lets him/her experience the lifestyles and landscapes of another nation. The student's travel adventures, unique social life, and personal friendships combine to make an extraordinary academic and personal experience.

Australia is one of the world's most popular destinations for students from around the globe who choose to study internationally. Canadian students who study in Australia have well-rounded educational backgrounds, which include studies taught from both North American and Asia-Pacific world perspectives. They are provided with front-row seats in university classrooms that are respected worldwide.

What is a Study Abroad Program?

A Study Abroad Program is similar to an international exchange program, where you leave your Canadian university for one or two semesters and take classes at a university outside Canada. When you return to your Canadian university to finish your studies, the credits you gained at the university abroad are counted toward your Canadian degree.

If you would like to go to Australia on a Study Abroad Program, you may apply through OzTREKK to any Australian university that offers Study Abroad Programs and accepts international students. A key difference from an exchange program is that you pay international student (study abroad) fees to the Australian university rather than paying your regular tuition fees to your Canadian university. Study Abroad tuition fees at OzTREKK's universities range from $8,700-$11,000 AUD per semester.

Students from Canada apply to Study Abroad programs through OzTREKK. To access OzTREKK's free services, students must submit their Australian university application to OzTREKK.

The following OzTREKK Australian universities offer Study Abroad programs:

At OzTREKK, we'll walk you through the Study Abroad admission process and help prepare you to become an international student in Australia. We'll assist you with

If you would like to participate in an exchange program, you should visit the International Office at your Canadian university.

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