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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Introducing OzTREKK’s ambassadors!

If you’re considering studying outside of Canada, you know you have a lot to think about: Which university and program should you choose? Where should you live? Where are the best places to eat? What do you do in your spare time? Can you take your degree home to practice? The questions are innumerable!

Meet the OzTREKK Student Ambassadors!

Well, we’re here to help. In order to give you a real, first-person perspective, we decided to feature OzTREKK Student Ambassadors. No one knows what it’s like to live and study in Australia better than our students, so we have asked five  OzTREKK students to document their day-to-day life in Australia, their universities and programs, and much more.

What do OzTREKK Ambassadors do?

  • Explore Australia, their university, and their program
  • Tell an authentic story: not only what studying in Australia is like, but also living, social adventures, and travels
  • Raise awareness: you have study options

What is their mission?

  • To share their story in their own unique voice
  • To show the real side of studying abroad (the good, the bad, the ugly)
  • An opportunity for them to document their year

Meet the OzTREKK Ambassadors

Emma Blackwood | Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine

My master degree in public health gave me the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Namibia facilitating health workshops with children. This experience sparked a passion for global health! The unique global focus of the Macquarie MD is what made me choose the program.

Cameron Bowers | Griffith University Doctor of Medicine

Deciding to apply to medical school in Australia felt right for me. I’ve always loved travel and I am deeply passionate about global healthcare. The lessons I learned going to university outside of my home country were far more diverse than I could have ever hoped. I know the same will be true for my education and life in Australia. Griffith University’s Doctor of Medicine program values align with mine and I am confident that they will both support and shape me into the best doctor I can become.

Anthony Caiazzo | University of Queensland Master of Physiotherapy Studies

I chose the UQ physiotherapy program because I love being physically active and also helping other people.  Physiotherapy itself combines those two things and it makes my work fulfilling when you see a patient progress to being able to go about living their lives with full mobility and pain free!  I chose this university because I think the professors and program itself aligns with how I want to model my practice after.

Kimberly Li | University of Sydney Master of Occupational Therapy

I chose OT because I am passionate about helping individuals gain function in day to day tasks and promoting participation in meaningful activities. In my final year of my undergrad, UBC was ranked 4th for sports-related subjects and USyd was ranked 1st  in the QS World University Rankings.

Josh Walt | University of Melbourne Doctor of Medicine

I chose my program because the medical program at the University of Melbourne is a world renowned institution keeping my options as an international student open, whether it be remaining in Australia, or returning to North America to complete my residency.

Coming up…

Now that we’ve introduced our ambassadors, stay tuned on the OzTREKK Blog for their stories, and on Instagram and Facebook! Visit the OzTREKK Ambassadors page to follow them on their journey!


Please let us know if you have any questions! Contact us at ambassadors@oztrekk.com or call 1-866-698-7355.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

University of Sydney Health Sciences Faculty Campus Tour

The University of Sydney Health Science Faculty campus is the perfect place to complete your health science program of choice!

The University of Sydney Physiotherapy, University of Sydney Occupational Therapy, University of Sydney Speech Language Pathology and the University of Sydney Exercise Physiology programs are popular choices for Canadians.

These programs are widely respected within the industry, especially since students get such great practical experience!

Located in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe, the University of Sydney Health Sciences Faculty is housed at the Cumberland campus, which has gorgeous surroundings on a quiet landscape.

OzTREKK Director Beth McNally recently visited the University of Sydney Cumberland campus, and she raved about it.

“The campus is in a beautiful setting,” she says. “It has spacious landscaped grounds and ultra-modern facilities. It’s the perfect balance of living in the city, but having access to plenty of green space.”

To get to the Cumberland campus, Beth took the train to Lidcombe station, which she says, is the easiest way to get to campus.

“This means students could live anywhere in Sydney and take public transportation and a quick walk up the street to the Cumberland campus,” she explains.

Oh...we love palm trees!


As for our OzTREKK fun fact of the day, OzTREKK Director Matt Miernik’s sister, Liz, studied at this campus! She completed the University of Sydney Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science degree.

From a first-hand experience, Liz has so many good things to say about her experience studying at the Cumberland campus and earning her University of Sydney degree!


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