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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

University of Newcastle technology to light up city

The University of Newcastle is helping to tell the tale of Newcastle’s oldest street, including convict gangs and bearded ladies pouring beers. These stories, along with those of local filmmakers, will light up the walls of Watt Street when City Evolutions launches next month. The project is a landmark contemporary art project and features a series of light installations using cutting edge interactive technology developed by students at the University of Newcastle.

City Evolutions will launch with a free street party on Friday, June 21 at 5 p.m. and will continue from sunset to 10 p.m. every night for a year – and students from the university’s School of Design, Communication and Information Technology will be there.

The University of Newcastle was selected from a range of submissions from artists and creative collaborators who were invited to submit proposals that took inspiration from the history of Watt Street – the stories, people and places that have shaped Newcastle as it is today, the university reports.

The University of Newcastle’s City Evolutions Project Leader, Chris Tucker, told the university that more than 20 academics and researchers from the schools of architecture, computer science, design, communications and IT had worked together to develop the technology.

Newcastle is an emerging creative, digital and technological hub and the university is very excited to be working together with the community to transform the city’s cultural and historical precinct,” Tucker told the University of Newcastle.

The art project not only features projected images, but also incorporates multi-media and viewer engagement aspects.

“Visitors will be able to play video games projected on Watt Street structures, such as the David Maddison building, using their smart phones and near field communications. This is similar to pay wave technology. All visitors need to do is tap their phones on the stickers at the site, download a game app and then play against each other,” Tucker told the university.

“People can also enjoy the nocturnal art gallery simply by walking down Watt Street, where motion detection systems will sense movement and trigger historical scenes and artworks in light along the buildings,” he told UoN. “While we reflect on where our city has come from, it’s appropriate that all parts of the community have worked on this project together to transform Newcastle East into a hive of night-time activity.”

Furthering the project’s interactivity, budding film makers are invited to be part of the exhibition and see their short films projected onto the façade of one of the buildings in the city centre, the University of Newcastle said. The theme for the competition is ‘the evolution of Newcastle’ – from how the city has changed over time and historic places to childhood memories or events that shaped the city, according to the university.

To enter, the university said anyone can upload a short film of less than 90 seconds (.mp4 format) to YouTube or Vimeo and email the URL to cityevolutions@ncc.nsw.gov.au and they’re in the running.  Entries close on Monday, June 17, 2013.

City Evolutions is an initiative of The City of Newcastle and Newcastle Now in partnership with the University of Newcastle, with funding support from the Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The University of Newcastle School of Design, Communication and Information Technology is at the centre of new developments in delivering information and entertainment content through new means of delivery together with experience in utilizing existing technologies.


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Thursday, February 7th, 2013

University of Newcastle hosting comical conference

The University of Newcastle is in the midst of hosting a three-day conference focused on tickling the funny bone.

Newcastle’s conference is dedicated to delving into humour from a learning perspective. The event runs today until Saturday at the University’s City Precinct and the university reports that topics concentrate on all things that give us the giggles.

The conference is organized by the 19th Colloquium of Australasian Humour Studies Network and brings together more than 50 national and international experts, academics and practitioners who study humour as a cultural form and as a creative activity, University of Newcastle said.

This year’s Colloquium is co-convened by the University of Newcastle’s Conjoint Professor Michael Ewans from the Faculty of Education and Arts as well as Michael Meany senior lecturer at the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology at the University of Newcastle. The theme for the event is Humour and Creativity, with topics including the analysis of the humour in dad jokes, animations, political satire, limericks, comics, feminist art, stand-up comedy and religious jokes.

“We have presentations from people studying humour from many disciplinary points of view,” Ewans told the university. “Humour is an area of research that attracts psychologists, sociologists, linguists, literary theorists – just to name a few.”

Meany added that the conference will also draw on the research being done at the University of Newcastle by Dr. Phillip McIntyre and his team into the theory and practice of creativity.

The Australasian Humour Studies Network has grown exponentially since its inception in the late 1990s, to include more than 200 members.  An important function of the Network is to offer support to isolated research students dealing with humour-related topics. Each year’s Colloquium offers a post-graduate section, with the membership of the colloquium providing students with feedback and advice by scholars working on humour from many different perspectives.

As extra enticement for international students to study at the University of Newcastle, the Faculty of Education and Arts is offering a Relocation Scholarship of $1,000 AUD to international students who accept an offer of a place in one of the faculty’s coursework master’s programs, to commence study in 2013 or 2014. The payment can be used for any purpose and will be paid to the student in April (for Semester 1 commencements) or September (for Semester 2 commencements). For more information about this University of Newcastle scholarship, please visit OzTREKK’s information on the University of Newcastle Faculty of Education and Arts Relocation Scholarship.


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