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Molly Mahon

Admissions Officer

I'm Molly Mahon! I live in a cute, red brick fixer-upper with my the love of my life, our baby and our cute bunny, Hank! I'm happy to say that I'm from Perth (Ontario) and love living here.

Working at OzTREKK doesn't even feel like work! It's great be able to provide support and work with students to achieve their goals while being surrounded by the fun, smart, and outgoing OzTREKK family.

I'm also a graphic designer, so when I'm not at OzTREKK, I'm designing posters, logos and invitations.

I love going to yard sales and thrift shops—it's the thrill of the hunt!

I'm always up for an adventure or road trip. I've been across Canada a couple of times, spent time in the United States, visited Jamaica and Australia (thanks, OzTREKK!).

I love watching movies, cottaging/camping (in a trailer), #summerfun, concerts, and spending time with friends and family.

A couple of things that not too many people know about me (until now):

“I’m very excited about going to Australia for Veterinary studies. It couldn't have happened without all of OzTREKK’s help.”
Joanna Wong, BVSc,
University of Melbourne 2007
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