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Australian Speech Language Pathology Schools

  • Australian Speech Pathology Schools in Australia
  • Griffith University Speech Pathology School in Australia
  • Macquarie University School of Speech and Language Pathology in Australia
  • UQ School of Speech Pathology in Australia
  • University of Sydney School of Speech Pathology in Australia

The University of Sydney School of Speech Pathology

Program Overview - Master of Speech Language Pathology

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University and Faculty: University of Sydney
Faculty of Health Sciences
Program: Master of Speech Language Pathology
University Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
City Population: 5 million
Student Population: 60,000
Campus Location: Cumberland campus
(in Lidcombe, a suburb of Sydney)
Program Duration: 2 years, full time (four semesters)
Semester Intake: March each year
Next Avail. Intake: March 2020
Est. Indicative Annual Tuition: $56,000 AUD (2019)
Est. Indicative Total Tuition: $112,000 AUD (based on 2019 fees)

It is important for Canadian students wishing to study Master of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Sydney to carefully read the "Professional Certification/Accreditation Information" below.

The University of Sydney offers a two-year, graduate-entry Master of Speech Language Pathology program. It is intended for students coming from an undergraduate degree in any field, who wish to gain the requirements to become a speech pathologist.

Speech Pathology at Sydney has a long and proud history of producing high-quality graduates who go on to be expert clinicians, leaders of the profession and international researchers in communication sciences and disorders. Sydney's Speech Pathology Discipline is the largest speech pathology department in the Australian state of New South Wales and one of the largest in Australia.

The Master of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Sydney aims to

  • enable students to learn in a way that resembles the clinical practice of speech pathology; and
  • help students acquire the skills necessary to qualify and practise as speech pathologists through case-based learning and clinical placements.

The curriculum is designed around the competency requirements for speech pathology professional practice. This program enables students with requisite knowledge and skills from their previous studies to undertake study in speech pathology and will build on their existing knowledge. It is structured around four academic blocks and four clinical blocks. The clinical blocks may occur outside normal semester times.


Unique features of program

The large staff numbers allows subjects to be taught by specialists in each field. The discipline boasts an on-campus Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic that encourages integration of theory with practice and also provides opportunities for talented students to become involved with research. Students have access to the discipline's Speech Science Laboratory, the largest academic library in Australia, and to other extensive facilities.


Why international students like to study at the university and this specific program

The discipline of Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney is not only the first and largest program in communication sciences and disorders in New South Wales, but it is also among the largest of such programs in Australia. Its roots stem from the first training of speech pathologists in Australia at Sydney's Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children under the leadership of the founder of Australian speech pathology, Elinor Wray.


Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

OzTREKK recommends that Canadian students understand the certification requirements and procedures of their Canadian provincial licensing body prior to applying or accepting an offer of admission to a speech pathology degree.

The course is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia. On completion of the professional Master of Speech Language Pathology degree graduates will be eligible for membership to Speech Pathology Australia.

Upon graduation, you are eligible to apply to become a speech pathologist in Canada. For a detailed overview of the certification process, please review the website of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC).

It is imperative that you understand the requirements and procedures associated with entering the speech and language pathology profession in Canada. It is your responsibility to meet the necessary requirements to become a member of the regulatory body in your province, if necessary. Currently in Canada, eight provinces require mandatory registration with a regulatory body.

If students have not taken the required 350 clinical hours required by Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), students may complete them by

  • having the faculty assist with organizing extra clinical hours with an external clinical provider during the duration of the course; and/or
  • completing six months of paid speech pathology employment in Australia on completion of the degree; and/or
  • organizing a clinical placement of six months in Canada.

The student is responsible for organizing the employment/placement and necessary visas. Depending on undergraduate study, students may be required to undertake two additional audiology units to meet SAC accreditation requirements. These audiology units are taken from the University of Sydney Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). These units are normally undertaken during the degree.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

The Master of Speech Language Pathology program at Sydney welcomes students from all backgrounds.

To be eligible to apply, you must have

  • completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university; and
  • achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5/7, which the University of Sydney states is approximately equivalent to a credit average or better. A credit average at the University of Sydney is between a 65% and 74%. Your grades assessed for admission are based on your highest-ranked university degree.
  • Provide evidence that you have the assumed knowledge requirements in anatomy, neurology, linguistics, and phonetics

OzTREKK recommends that you apply for this program if you have achieved a minimum 65% cumulative average in your university studies. Please note that this is a minimum average to be eligible to apply.

Students who have not yet completed an undergraduate degree may apply, as long as they will have graduated prior to commencing the program.


Additional Admissions Information

Knowledge Requirements for Sydney's MSLP Program

It is important that MSLP students have knowledge in the areas of linguistics and phonetics prior to commencing the speech language pathology program at the University of Sydney. Students who otherwise meet the entry requirements will receive a conditional offer and will need to successfully complete units prescribed by the faculty. See MSLP Summer School and Bridging Course Information.

Successful applicants who do not have an acceptable background in linguistics and phonetics will be required to attend MSLP Summer School and take a bridging course at the University of Sydney for six weeks in January/February before the start of Semester 1. Please do not enrol in summer school before you receive an offer for the MSLP program.

Including sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic models of language, morphology, phonology, orthography, semantics, discourse, and grammar/syntax.

Including real-time broad/phonemic transcription of normal adult speech using IPA. Theoretical concepts of allophones, distinctive feature analysis, narrow or phonetic transcription, diacritics, stress or accent, suprasegmental aspects of speech, acoustic features of vowels and consonants, interpretation of spectrographs of normal adult speech.

Students without a background in functional anatomy of the speech system are strongly encouraged to do some study in this area before enrolment.

Students without a background in functional neurology of the speech system are strongly encouraged to do some study in this area before enrolment.

In addition to the linguistics, phonetics, anatomy and neurology requirements, the following domains of knowledge are not prerequisites for enrolment in Sydney's MSLP program. Nevertheless, it will be expected during classes that participants will have completed prior study in these domains, either through an academic program or through independent study:

An understanding of the principles of psychology, normal child development, learning and cognition are beneficial.

Research Methods
A knowledge of the principles of research design is beneficial.

Knowledge of the principles of basic descriptive and analytic statistics is beneficial (e.g., mean, mode, median, standard distribution, standard deviation, t-test, anova, chi square, p value, type I and II errors etc.).

It is desirable for students to have completed introductory sociology.


Application Deadline: October 30 each year; however, offers are made throughout the year based on academic merit and subject to availability in the program. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible as this program can fill quickly.

OzTREKK Admissions Officer: Lindsay Rewi

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