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Australian Speech Language Pathology Schools

  • Australian Speech Pathology Schools in Australia
  • Griffith University Speech Pathology School in Australia
  • Macquarie University School of Speech and Language Pathology in Australia
  • University of Queensland School of Speech Pathology
  • University of Sydney School of Speech Pathology in Australia

University of Queensland School of Speech Pathology

Program Overview - Master of Speech Pathology Studies

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University and Faculty: University of Queensland
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Program: Master of Speech Pathology Studies
University Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
City Population: 2.3 million
Student Population: 52,331
Campus Location: St. Lucia, Brisbane
Program Duration: 2.5 years
Semester Intake: July each year
Next Avail. Intake: July 2020
Est. Annual Tuition: $44,972 AUD (2019 fees)

The University of Queensland Master of Speech Pathology Studies program allows graduates to gain qualifications to register as a speech pathologist.

It is an accelerated program for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. This program is 2.5 years in length and will prepare graduates for a career in speech pathology across any of the diverse areas in which speech pathologists practice, such as education, health or private practice.

This graduate-entry program

  • is completed over 2.5 years, full time;
  • provides students with the required competencies for registration as a speech pathologist;
  • offers a learning environment and has assessment requirements designed to facilitate the advanced and intensive learning appropriate for a master's-level program;
  • focuses on the integration of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills; and
  • includes clinical practicum that focus on paediatric and adult assessment and rehabilitation.

The program is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia. Graduates are eligible for registration with the Speech Pathologists Board of Queensland.


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Why Canadians Like the Program

"The University of Queensland is absolutely beautiful and it's very pleasant to go to school every day.

"I love the content. I have been excited about studying speech pathology for a long time, and it is a well-rounded program, which takes every aspect of speech pathology seriously. I also like the way the clinical aspect of the program is set up: each clinical placement, assignment or learning activity is arranged so that we are trained to meet the standards set out by the governing bodies of speech pathology in Australia.

"Since I'm going back to work in Canada after, I appreciate enormously that the staff and coordinators of the program here have gone out of their way to make sure that the Canadian students are also qualified to meet the standards of most Canadian registry boards: the Canadian students have special permission to enrol in audiology courses, which allow us to meet (and surpass) the hours required for Canadian speech pathologists. To expand on that, the program for the master's-entry students is quite small, and we are always in close contact and well acquainted with the faculty. I find this a really great thing about the program. They are wonderfully hardworking experts in their subjects, passionate about the field, encouraging, animated, and obviously interested in our education and training. The coordinators and lecturers do not hesitate to address any concerns the students have, for example, by running extra tutorial sessions, by meeting with the international students, or by accommodating clinic placements in areas of interest. I appreciate this doubly considering that the program is small and many of the lecturers have multiple teaching responsibilities, clinical responsibilities and research commitments.

"I like also that there is a research option for the master's students in the second year of study. I have always wanted to do research but hadn't the opportunity at my large undergraduate university, and I think it is a great option within this small program that allows the students to work closely with the leaders in this field.

"About the university itself, it is a beautiful campus--not too large and not too small--has many amenities that I find convenient, such as a bank branch right on campus and a pharmacy, and as I have learned over the last few months, is quite renowned and has great facilities. Notably, the anatomy lab where practicals where held was expansive and a fantastic learning environment."
T. Duvage
University of Toronto graduate
UQ Master of Speech Pathology Studies

"Everyone in the program has been very nice and welcoming. The professors have been very approachable and are available for any further clarification of course content."
S. Woo
University of Toronto graduate
UQ Master of Speech Pathology Studies

"I really love the university and the campus! I would tell other Canadians that there are a lot of fellow Canadians at UQ, which makes it easier for those who are having second thoughts about going overseas. I would tell future GEMS students that the program is intense and full on."
N. Gousteris
McMaster University graduate
UQ Master of Speech Pathology Studies

Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

Upon graduation, you are eligible to apply to become a speech pathologist in Canada. For a detailed overview of the certification process, please review the website of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC).

It is imperative that you understand the requirements and procedures associated with entering the speech and language pathology profession in Canada. It is your responsibility to meet the necessary requirements to become a member of the regulatory body in your province, if necessary. Currently in Canada, eight provinces require mandatory registration with a regulatory body.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

There are 10 places available in the program each year for international students, including students from Canada. Offers will be made to applicants with the highest academic rank.

To be eligible to apply, you must have
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