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Undergraduate Science Programs in Australia

  • Overview - Science Programs in Australia
  • Bond University Science Programs
  • Griffith University  Science Programs
  • James Cook University  Science Programs
  • Macquarie University  Science Programs
  • Monash University Science Programs
  • University of Melbourne Science Programs
  • University of Newcastle Science Programs
  • University of Queensland Science Programs
  • University of Sydney Science Programs

University of Melbourne Undergraduate Science Degrees

As one of the oldest science faculties in Australia, the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne provides a range of postgraduate training programs and community services, based on a solid foundation of research in the pure and applied sciences:

  • Melbourne Graduate School of Science
  • BioSciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
  • Geography
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics

At Melbourne, high academic standards and a focus on developing well-rounded individuals mean that Bachelor of Science graduates are equipped with the problem-solving, quantitative and collaborative skills prized by employers. The Bachelor of Science is also an ideal pathway to graduate professional entry programs in health sciences, engineering, and information technology (IT), and the shortest pathway to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne. These are just some of the reasons to choose the Bachelor of Science.

Through the quality of its research and teaching, the faculty enjoys a strong reputation, both nationally and internationally. The Melbourne Bachelor of Science provides students with an opportunity to engage in scientific exploration and equips them with broad skills to address major world challenges in many fields of study:

Behavioural Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Earth Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Engineering Systems
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Mathematics and Statistics
Physical Sciences

Students undertaking a Bachelor of Science are required to study certain subjects in first and second year to prepare for subjects in a science major. Various combinations of subjects that build a pathway to a major are possible. A student's individual course plan will depend on their interests.

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