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Undergraduate Science Programs in Australia

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Griffith University Undergraduate Science Degrees

Students studying science at Griffith University experience flexibility and choice from day one. Study options range from cutting-edge theoretical and applied science, like biochemistry and marine biology, through to new interdisciplinary fields such as bioinformatics, forensic science, and chemical sciences. Throughout their degrees, students will develop a deep conceptual understanding of modern science, strong practical and analytical skills, and the intellectual agility essential for lifelong learning.

Disciplines available to international students at the Griffith Faculty of Sciences include

  • Aviation
  • Biological sciences
  • Biomedical science, medical science and medical diagnostics
  • Biomolecular science
  • Chemical sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Forensic science
  • Marine science
  • Medicine
  • Physical and mathematical sciences

When students graduate, they are equipped to apply the process of science, have the skills to collaborate and communicate with other disciplines, and understand the relationship between science and society.

Griffith University Sciences comprises 4 schools:

1. Griffith School of Engineering
2. Griffith School of Environment
3. School of Natural Sciences
4. School of Information and Communication Technology

As a Griffith aviation student, you will develop the skills and knowledge required for the first five years of employment as a commercial pilot. In addition, the Griffith aviation management courses offer short- to long-term career planning strategies, as well as the coordination skills required within airline operations and supporting industries. Upon successful graduation, graduates will be equipped with the skills to successfully manage personnel from the recruitment stage through to career planning for individual staff members. Study aviation (including pilot training), aviation management, or airport management.

Biological Sciences
Griffith Sciences offers a diverse range of courses in the biological sciences field of study ranging from the human sciences to wildlife biology. Specialization areas include biochemistry and molecular biology, bio-informatics, clinical science, marine biology, microbiology, and wildlife biology.

Biomedical Science, Medical Science and Medical Diagnostics
Griffith's suite of programs in the biomedical science disciplines is the ideal place to start your preparation for a career in the biomedical and clinical sciences. Griffith has two schools that offer programs in these disciplines: the School of Natural Sciences at Nathan and the School of Medical Science at the Gold Coast. Griffith's biomedical and clinical sciences degrees provide you with choice and proven pathways to graduate medicine, biomedical research and a wide range of other careers in the allied health professions. Study areas include biomedical science, health science, medical laboratory science, medical science, and medicine.

Biomolecular Science
From growing artificial organs and genetically targeted drugs through to renewable energy from algae and environment remediation with bacteria, it seems difficult to image that one field of science has so much potential. Biomolecular science is the interface of biology, chemistry and physical sciences and your opportunity to start your career in a field of science that will have a tremendous impact on our society in the coming decades. Students can focus on biomolecular sciences, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Chemical Sciences
The university seeks to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry as it applies to other sciences, such as forensic, biological, physics and the materials sciences. Study areas include biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, environmental management, and forensic chemistry.

Environmental Sciences
Studying environmental sciences gives you an integrated understanding how the various sciences and the environment are related, and how to use this knowledge to solve and manage today and tomorrow's environmental challenges. By studying environmental science at Griffith University, you will be able to make a difference to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Subject study areas include aquatic ecosystems, chemistry, environmental science, environmental sustainability, marine biology, and wildlife biology.

Forensic Science
Griffith's forensic science program is the premier program in Queensland and the Asia-Pacific region. The Master of Forensic Science is now an essential training program for all Scientific Officers in the Queensland Police Service. In this degree, students explore science in real life and receive training in handling criminal casework in forensic biology and forensic chemistry.

Marine Science
Griffith University provides an integrated interdisciplinary approach to not only build the knowledge and understanding of ocean ecosystems, but to also address and manage these complex issues to ensure that marine industries prosper in healthy marine ecosystems. With cutting-edge teaching and research strengths, Griffith is an ideal location for marine studies with easy access to extensive natural and artificial waterways, iconic surf beaches, and the diverse wetlands and coastal biodiversity of Moreton Bay. Students can study marine science or marine biology.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences
The expertise as educators at Griffith grows from our desire to do exceptional research. The university's physics research is ranked above world standard (ERA 2012). Students will be able to hone their skills through work placements and third-year research projects, where they will work alongside nationally and internationally recognised researchers, preparing them for industry or a research-related career path. Study areas include applied mathematics, bio-informatics, computational science, photonics and nano-science, and physics.

Griffith University Undergraduate Science Degrees

Bachelor of Aviation
Bachelor of Aviation Management
Bachelor of Science (many majors to choose from)
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Bachelor of Biomolecular Science with Honours
Bachelor of Environmental Management
Bachelor of Forensic Science
Bachelor of Marine Science (specializations include Coastal physical science, Coastal resources management, Marine chemical sciences, Marine ecology)
Bachelor of Photonics and Nanoscience with Honours

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