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Griffith University Medical School

Program Overview - Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine
(Undergraduate Entry)

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University and Faculty: Griffith University
Faculty of Health
Program: Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine
University Location: Gold Coast & Brisbane, Queensland
City Population: 550,000
Student Population: 44,000
Campus Location: Gold Coast or Nathan
Program Duration: 3 years full-time equivalent offered over 2 years (BMedSci) + 4 years (MD)
Trimester Intake: February each year
Next Avail. Intake: February 2019
Est. Indicative Total: $346,000 AUD (estimated over 6 years based on 2017 fees; fees subject to increase)

The Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University is an undergraduate degree that provides a pathway for provisional entry into the Griffith graduate medical Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Designed for high-achieving secondary school graduates who have the commitment to study an intensive two-year degree, successful graduates of the Bachelor of Medical Science will be able to progress from this program directly into Griffith's Doctor of Medicine. Successful graduates must have achieved a GPA of at least 5.0 out of 7.0 for the program and a minimum grade of Pass in the designated course "Human Skills for Medicine."

The Bachelor of Medical Science provides students with the knowledge and skills in the modern biosciences and clinical sciences, as well as broader knowledge and skills in a number of non-science areas, including communication. On completion of this program, students will be well prepared for graduate medical training. The program is structured to emphasise the application to a medical career and the linkage to the MD degree.

In the first year of the Bachelor of Medical Science, students will be introduced to the basic sciences underpinning biomedical science: anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, health, genes and disease, law and ethics, microbiology, physiology, molecular genetics and psychology.

In second year, students will study these areas in greater depth and take medically focused courses in immunology, infectious disease, pharmacology, metabolism, biochemistry, and epidemiology.

Please note, this program is an intensive two-year degree that will be offered full time at the Gold Coast in on-campus mode. Intensive teaching periods and web-based courses will be available. The program is only offered in an accelerated mode and includes both winter and summer semesters. There will be no break between semesters for the duration of the program. Those who choose to study at the Nathan campus will need to transition to the Gold Coast campus for the Doctor of Medicine.


Why study at Griffith University?

Griffith biomedical graduates are highly regarded throughout Australia and overseas by medical schools, hospitals, the allied health professions, medical research institutes, government research organisations, pathology, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for their core knowledge and practical skills.

Griffith University medical sciences students will enjoy access to state-of-the art teaching and research facilities. Typical of these are the new $150-million purpose-built Griffith Health Centre, co-located with the new Gold Coast Hospital and the Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies at the Nathan campus. Access to such facilities provides students with opportunities to participate in research, projects and professional development activities in world-class environments and will provide pathways to employment upon graduation.


Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

The Griffith University Doctor of Medicine program is accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

In Canada, each province/territory is responsible for licensing physicians to practise medicine within its boundaries. Licensure to practise medicine requires the completion of an accredited postgraduate training program, as well as the completion of national qualifying exams. Each province may have different requirements; it is your responsibility to meet the necessary requirements for licensure in your province.

Each year, OzTREKK hosts its annual Canadian Medical Licensing Seminars across Canada, which are exclusive to students who submit their Australian medical school application via OzTREKK. These seminars provide the latest information regarding the accreditation and medical licensing process in Canada, as well as outline options for internships in Australia and other destinations.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

The undergraduate-entry Bachelor of Medical Science program at Griffith University is only available to

  • current Grade 12 students; or
  • applicants who have completed Grade 12 (or equivalent) no more than 3 years previously and have not since undertaken any post-secondary studies.

Griffith Bachelor of Medical Science candidates must have achieved a minimum of 94% average.

In order to proceed into the Griffith Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Science graduates must have achieved a GPA of at least 5.0 out of 7.0 for the program and a minimum grade of Pass in the designated course "Human Skills for Medicine."


Total Number of Places for International Students: 16

Application Deadline: Program is filled for the 2018 intake. For information about the 2019 intake and to apply, contact OzTREKK!

OzTREKK Admissions Officer: Amanda Rollich

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