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Monash University Law School

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Monash University Law School in Australia

Program Overview - Juris Doctor (JD)

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University and Faculty: Monash University
Faculty of Law
Program: Juris Doctor
University Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
City Population: 4.8 million
Student Population: 73,807
Campus Location: Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne, Victoria
Program Duration: 3 years
Semester Intakes: January, May and August of each year
Next Avail. Intake: August 2019
Est. Annual Tuition: $42,400 AUD (2019)

Monash University Law School has been welcoming international students into its Juris Doctor (JD) program since 2008.

The Faculty of Law at Monash University is one of the largest and most prestigious law schools in Australia, providing legal education and training to more than 2,700 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Monash JD is a graduate law degree designed to teach the knowledge and skills required to practice law. This innovative law degree recognizes the needs of graduates who wish to study law, providing the transferable skills and knowledge only a law degree from one of Australia's leading universities can provide.

The Monash JD comprises 24 units, taught in a small, seminar-style format that facilitates interactive learning and lively class debate. The program is taught in trimesters at the Monash University Law Chambers (city campus), in the heart of Melbourne's Central Business District and legal precinct.

Each trimester in the program runs for approximately 12 teaching weeks. Standard progression takes three to four years for local Australian students, who want to engage in paid work while studying; however, an intensive program can be completed in just two and a half years by full-time students, including international students.


Unique Features of the Program

Monash Law School offers high-quality teaching by leading academics and practitioners, who are experts in the teaching of law and legal practice. Additionally, the JD program offers an interactive learning environment, small class sizes and innovative teaching.

The Monash JD program is unique as it allows students to undertake up to six elective units from the extensive Monash Law master's program once the compulsory units have been completed. This allows students to tailor their degree and choose units that complement their interests and professional aspirations while ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals with the core skills required to follow a wide range of legal and professional career paths.


Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

The law courses at Monash University Law School are accredited for the purpose of admission to practice as a barrister or solicitor in the State of Victoria. The courses are also accepted for admission in many other Australian and international jurisdictions, including Singapore and Malaysia.

If you complete a Monash law degree, you are eligible to apply to practice law in Canada. It is imperative that you understand the requirements and procedures associated with entering the legal profession in Canada. Contact OzTREKK for resource information regarding accreditation.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

- An undergraduate degree (or equivalent) with at least a grade point average (GPA) of 5.0 on a 7-point scale, or qualification/experience or satisfactory substitute that the faculty considers to be equivalent.
- An undergraduate degree (or equivalent) with at least a grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 on a 7-point scale and LSAT score of 150+ (taken within 5 years prior to applying for admission).
- If, in addition to a bachelor degree (or equivalent) the applicant has incomplete studies in a law admission degree course, a minimum GPA of 5.0 on a 7-point scale in the law studies, with no fail result in the final year, is required. Credit for prior studies up to a maximum of 48 points may be awarded.

Monash University does not require the LSAT for entry in the Juris Doctor program (unless candidate has GPA of 4.0, as stated above).

Applicants will be assessed on their entire academic record. Applicants who have not completed any formal study in the last eight years are required to submit a current curriculum vitae and a completed Monash JD personal statement. The personal statement may include your reasons for wanting to study law, why you want to study at Monash Law School, any voluntary work or relevant work experience, any applicable achievements and other relevant aspects that you feel will improve your application.

Students who have not yet completed an undergraduate degree may apply, as long as they will have graduated prior to Commencing the Monash JD program.

Please note Monash University charges international applicants a $100 AUD application fee. Your OzTREKK admissions officer will advise you how to make this payment directly to the university.


Total Number of Places in the Program: no set quota

Application Deadline: Generally assessed on a rolling admissions basis; the sooner you apply the better.

OzTREKK Admissions Officer: Kati Gorbachyova

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