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Australia Fun Facts

Approximately 24% of Australia's residents were born overseas.


OzTREKK Study in Australia Fairs

Have you been thinking about studying medicine in Australia? Are you curious about dentistry, law, or physiotherapy programs in Australia and about their entry requirements and their accreditation processes?

OzTREKK invites our select Australian universities to join us in Canada for our OzTREKK Study in Australia Fairs in order to showcase the exceptional programs and schools in Australia that are available to Canadian students. OzTREKK Study in Australia Fairs are a fantastic way for you to meet Australian university staff and learn more about their

Our Australian representatives fly to Canada to participate in these OzTREKK events in order to give you the most information possible! Visit with Australian university representatives to find out about what it’s like to study your program of interest at an Australian university. Everyone is welcome to attend and you don't need to RSVP!

OzTREKK Orientations in Australia

OzTREKK Orientations are in place to make sure that you are well prepared, organized, and ready to tackle your studies and get the most of your time in Australia and overseas.

As part of the OzTREKK Orientations, we host a welcome breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a great way to meet other new Canadian students, so that you can establish a network and friends right away. It’s also a great way to meet upper-year Canadians who can show you the ropes and share their experiences with you so that you know what to expect.

Need to pick up groceries or a cell phone? The OzTREKK Shuttle will help get you set up! We will pick you up in our van and take you to wherever you need to go. Even if you just need to get the lay of the land the OzTREKK Shuttle is there to pick you up and take you wherever you need to go.

OzTREKK Pre-departure Seminars & Webinars

At OzTREKK, we are proud to assist our students in any way we can—including holding pre-departure seminars or webinars to help prepare you for your most-excellent journey! Held in person and online, our OzTREKK pre-departure seminars and webinars aim to guide our students through the final steps as they prepare to live and study in Australia.

The pre-departure seminars and webinars walk you through

OzTREKK Medical Licensing Seminars & Webinars

Each year, OzTREKK hosts its annual Canadian Medical Licensing Seminars & Webinars, which are exclusive to students who submit their Australian medical school application via OzTREKK. These seminars provide the latest information regarding the accreditation and medical licensing process in Canada, as well as outline options for internships in Australia and other destinations.

Find out more about Australian medical schools:


Have you ever wanted to meet Australian university representatives in person? Would you like to meet the dean of an Australian medical school? How about a dean of an Australian law school? OzTREKK's Australian university partners make it a priority to visit Canada and team up with OzTREKK to hold valuable information sessions for anyone interested in learning more about studying in Australia! Whenever our Australian universities hold an event in Canada, you can be sure we'll let you know!

“OzTREKK is one of our favoured partners/representatives in Canada, and the University of Newcastle would definitely recommend that students make their application through OzTREKK.”
Alex Tagaroulias, Regional Marketing Manager, Newcastle International
University of Newcastle
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