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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Interested in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology? The University of Sydney would like to meet you!

Are you interested in a career in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology or another health science field?

University of Sydney Health Sciences Seminars

Don’t forget to RSVP for the University of Sydney Health Sciences Information Sessions!

Then you are invited to discover why the University of Sydney is a world leader in health sciences education and research!

Attend an upcoming University of Sydney Health Sciences information session between March 28 and 30 to find out what world-renowned health sciences teaching looks like!

Please RSVP here to save your spot!

University of Sydney Health Sciences Information Sessions

Venue: University of Toronto, Bahen Centre, Room 2175
Date: Tuesday, March 28
Time: 6 p.m.

Venue: Simon Fraser University, Halpern Centre, Room 114
Date: Wednesday, March 28
Time: 5 p.m.

Venue: University of British Columbia, Woodward Building, Room 3
Date: Thursday, March 30
Time: 5 p.m.

Study Health Sciences at the University of Sydney

Program: Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)
Location: Lidcombe, (suburb of Sydney), New South Wales
Semester intake: March
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: TBA. For the 2017 intake, the application deadline was September 30, 2016.

Apply to Sydney Occupational Therapy School!


University of Sydney Master of Physiotherapy

Program: Master of Physiotherapy
Location: Lidcombe, (suburb of Sydney), New South Wales
Duration: 2 years
Semester intake: March
Application deadline: Applications are usually assessed on a rolling basis (as they are received). The sooner you apply the better.

Apply to the University of Sydney Physiotherapy School!

Be sure to RSVP for a Sydney Health Sciences Information Session!


Would you like more information about the upcoming Sydney Health Sciences seminars? Contact OzTREKK Admissions Officer Krista McVeigh at krista@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Sydney Health Sciences asks, which sport and fitness course is right for you?

Are you interested in health sciences? You’ve got a wonderful selection of study areas to choose from: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology…. But have you considered exercise and sports science?

Sydney Health Sciences is known for world-leading health sciences education and research. The discipline of exercise and sport science focuses on the integration of exercise and physical activity into health care, sports performance, disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Graduates have the opportunity to utilise principles such as biomechanics, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and gait analysis to evaluate and improve the performance of a diverse range of athletes.

The career paths followed by graduates are many and varied and depend mostly on the specific interests and aspirations of the individual. Broadly defined, the areas of employment entered by recent graduates include the sport industry, fitness industry, health industry, occupational health and safety, public health, rehabilitation, research and technology, education and medical insurance.

University of Sydney Master of Exercise Physiology

Sydney Health Sciences asks, which sport and fitness course is right for you?

Dr Ollie Jay is the Director of the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory and a Senior Lecturer in Thermoregulatory Physiology at the Faculty of Health Sciences. (Photo: University of Sydney)

The Master of Exercise Physiology is designed to produce graduates who possess the knowledge, competencies and clinical experience required for safe and effective clinical exercise practice.

Students will explore metabolism and physiology, human motor learning and control, the principles of exercise programming, nutrition, and musculoskeletal principles of exercise. Integrated clinical practice instruction, practicums, and case studies will provide the advanced skills and experience essential for professional practice.

Clinical placements are undertaken in both the public and private sectors. Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the career path they have chosen, and its place in the contemporary health system.

Program: Master of Exercise Physiology
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: March
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: TBA

Apply to the University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences!


Find out more about studying the Master of Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney. Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Health Sciences Admissions Officer Shannon Tilston at shannon@oztrekk.com.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

University of Sydney offering $10 million in new scholarships for international postgraduate students

International students will have even more reason to choose the University of Sydney for their postgraduate research degrees, with the announcement of 40 new fully funded PhD scholarships available from 2017.

“We want to attract the best students from anywhere in the world and these new scholarships—growing to an investment of $10 million per year—will help us do that,” said Associate Professor Ross Coleman, the university’s Director of Graduate Research.

University of Sydney offering $10 million in new scholarships for international postgraduate students

Find out how you can apply for a Sydney scholarship (Photo: University of Sydney)

“The university was founded on a principle of meritocratic admission and we are pleased to build on this foundation with these new PhD scholarships,” said Associate Professor Coleman.

“Graduate students are future researchers and high-level thinkers who will help solve the problems facing the world, as well as making new knowledge available to everyone. These new scholarships will help more of the cleverest people do their PhD studies with us.”

The new scholarships will be available to all international postgraduate research students in any discipline, and students will be considered for the scholarships when they tick the scholarship option on their application to study. Scholarship winners will be selected on the basis of academic performance in qualifying degrees and any prior research experience.

Like all University of Sydney centrally awarded postgraduate research scholarships, these new scholarships will be available all year with no application closing dates. The best students will get a scholarship offer in less than two months from submitting their application to study.

The new scholarships follow the same allocation as the federal government’s Research Training Program scholarships, which are for both domestic and international postgraduate research students. The university’s new international student scholarships include

  • tuition fees for the postgraduate research degree;
  • a stipend to assist students with their living costs while undertaking their postgraduate research degree; and
  • an allowance to assist students with ancillary costs of their degree, including relocation costs to Sydney, thesis printing and academic publication costs, and overseas student health cover costs.

“The value of a PhD is in the capacity of the doctoral graduate to identify and think through difficult problems. By increasing the number of funded PhD scholarships for students to work with our world-leading researchers, the University of Sydney is investing significantly in a better future,” said Associate Professor Coleman.


Would you like more information about research degrees available at the University of Sydney? Contact OzTREKK Australian Research Programs Admissions Officer Adam Smith at adam@oztrekk.com.

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Congratulations to our OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship winners!

Congratulations to our three 2016 OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship winners:

University of Sydney Occupational Therapy School

Sharon Yeung is headed to Sydney OT School

Jannelle Chisholm, Bond University, Juris Doctor
Sharon Yeung, University of Sydney, Master of Occupational Therapy
Barinder Khehra, University of Sydney, Doctor of Medicine

If you missed it, we announced our winners December 16, 2016 via our Facebook page!

The OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships were created to assist students who have demonstrated leadership, compassion, and innovation in their communities. What we didn’t realise is that so many of you are so incredible! The task of choosing the top three was extremely difficult, but this is how we did it:

Bond University Law School

Future Bond JD student Jannelle Chisholm

Students were evaluated on their written letters and videos. It took approximately two months for our scholarship committee to review all applications. Many submissions had to be read/watched multiple times in order to absorb just how much some of the applicants had accomplished! In an office email, OzTREKK Director Jaime Notman commented that “there were a few jaw-dropping moments for me (where I read, re-read and re-read—again—to see if I was mistaken).”

The committee was truly blown away by the calibre of the applications! Such a of variety of community involvement, both on a local and a global scale, and there were certainly some applications that broke office silence—either with a laugh or a cheerful “wow!”

We also have to give a shout-out to the singers, the attempts at Aussie accents, and the didgeridoo players!

So what kind of community involvement did we see? A lot. Here are just a few examples:

  • CLOUD project, part of The NWC – Sustainable Travel for Impact and Community Development Projects in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Guyana
  • FITFAM – a health and fitness program to help encourage, educate and empower participants to live healthier lives, including weekly boot-camp class, nutrition challenges, health and wellness seminars, and sponsored 5K events.
  • Leader of a mobility fundraiser for wheelchairs delivered to Peru
  • Make Way For Me! Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth – Assisted in the creation, planning, and management as a Skill Development Summer Program, where program facilitators provided intensive services to address areas such as anxiety reduction, emotional regulation, social skills, printing development, and gross motor skills such as riding a bike.
  • President of the Caribbean Students Association – Raised awareness for the struggle of cultural integration, orchestrated events to raise money to donate to Haiti relief groups and donated backpacks to an elementary school in Saint Lucia.
University of Sydney Doctor of Medicine

Barinder Khehra will be studying medicine at Sydney Uni

The group evaluation was tough—the applications showed so much passion and purpose, we wanted to share the scholarship love with everyone! We watched many of the videos repeatedly, combed through written applications, and spent hours discussing and finally selecting the three winners.

It is difficult for the committee to express the appreciation we have for all of our applicants’ efforts. We understand many had likely taken weeks to plan and create their applications, and we want everyone to know we absorbed every detail.

Congratulations again, Barinder, Sharon, and Jannelle! OzTREKK is so proud of what you have accomplished thus far and we are excited to see the positive waves you’ll continue to make within your communities, even Down Under!


Best wishes to all our OzTREKK students—we know you’ll make a difference!

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Students make $750 drug cheaply with Open Source Malaria team

Sydney Grammar School students, under the supervision of the University of Sydney and global members of the Open Source Malaria consortium, have reproduced an essential medicine in their high school laboratories. The drug, Daraprim, had been the subject of controversy when the price was hiked from US$13.50 to US$750 a dose last year.

Students make $750 drug cheaply with Open Source Malaria team

(L-R) University of Sydney researchers Associate Professor Matthew Todd and Dr Alice Williamson with Sydney Grammar School students and teachers Erin Sheridan and Dr Malcolm Binns (Photo via University of Sydney)

Daraprim—originally used as an antimalarial after its synthesis by Nobel Prize winner Gertrude Elion—is now more widely used as an anti-parasitic treatment for toxoplasmosis, which can be a dangerous disease for pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems, such as those living with HIV or AIDS.

Daraprim is listed by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine.

In September 2015, Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the market rights to Daraprim and raised the price of a dose more than 5000 percent overnight. CEO at the time, Martin Shkreli, stuck by the price, despite criticism.

To highlight the inequity of the monopoly, high school students in Sydney have been working with the Open Source Malaria consortium to make Daraprim in the laboratory using inexpensive starting materials, as part of the Breaking good – Open Source Malaria Schools and Undergraduate Program.

Scientists anywhere in the world were able to view all the data generated and mentor the students to accelerate the science under the coordination from the University of Sydney’s Dr Alice Williamson and Associate Professor Matthew Todd.

Dr Williamson from the Sydney School of Chemistry said the scientific community could provide advice and guidance to the students online in real time.

“The enthusiasm of the students and their teachers Malcolm Binns and Erin Sheridan was translated into a complete route in the public domain by the use of the Open Source Malaria platform,” Dr Williamson said.

“Anyone could take part and all data and ideas are shared in real time.”

Associate Professor Matthew Todd said the innovative open-source approach lowered the barrier to participation by researchers outside traditional institutions, such as universities and pharmaceutical companies, allowing students to work on real research problems of importance to human health.

“Daraprim may be quickly and simply made, bringing into question the need for such a high price for this important medicine,” Associate Professor Todd said.

Open Source Malaria is supported by the Medicines for Malaria Venture and the Australian Government.

Research at the Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy

Postgraduate study allows interested students to gain experience and skills in research. The Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy has a rich research track record and students have the opportunity to work with world leaders in several research fields. Pharmacy qualifications offer unique career options and flexibility, combining a professional degree with research experience. Graduates may seek employment in full-time research work or choose to pursue a research-based higher degree.

Sydney Pharmacy School graduates with research experience are sought after candidates for senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry.


Would you like more information about studying pharmacy at the Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy? Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Pharmacy Schools Admissions Officer Krista McVeigh at krista@oztrekk.com.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

University of Sydney tops the state for graduate employability

The University of Sydney has been ranked number one in New South Wales and 49 in the world in the most recent Times Higher Education Global Employability University Rankings.

The 2016 employability rankings, released Nov. 17, 2016, are based on surveys of recruiters and managing directors at international companies across 21 countries. The results reveal which universities the respondents think are best at preparing students for the workplace.

University of Sydney tops the state for graduate employability

Learn more about the degrees available at the University of Sydney

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence said the results reflected the university’s teaching excellence and quality of its global graduates.

“The results once again place us as one of the best higher learning institutions in the world and reflect the quality of our graduates, who are making a difference in communities locally, nationally and internationally.”

Dr Spence pointed to alumni such as Dr Anna Lau, who was at front line in the fight against Ebola when the highly infectious virus made its way to the United States in 2014; as well as Jack Manning Bancroft, who founded the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) while still studying in 2005; and Gideon Silverman, who after graduating in 2009, founded two startups and is now a product manager at Google, based in San Francisco.

“With world-leading teachers, comprehensive support offerings such as mentoring programs and study workshops, and more than 300 global partnerships for exchange and workplace opportunities, our students graduate as global citizens, ready to succeed and innovate in the workplace,” Dr Spence said.

The Times Higher Education Global Employability University Rankings are published by the UK’s leading global provider of rankings and statistics on the world’s higher education sector.

The University of Sydney currently ranks 60 in the highly regarded Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Popular schools for Canadians:

Think you might be interested in studying at the University of Sydney? Contact OzTREKK to find out more: info@oztrekk.com.

Monday, November 7th, 2016

University of Sydney explains why postgraduate study is worth it

Find out why postgraduate study is so important in a world of innovation, where “upskilling” is a necessary mechanism for survival.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) 2016 Global Challenges Insight Report “‘The Future of Jobs,” acknowledges the evolution of job markets and in-demand skills are changing at an accelerating rate. This means professional versatility and agility are becoming imperative. In a future where technology dominates, however, those skills that are distinctly human will be among the most valuable, and it is these skills that are enriched through postgraduate study.

University of Sydney explains why postgraduate study is worth it

Find out more about the University of Sydney

“Leadership, cross-cultural communication, problem solving and teamwork are all highly valued by employers and will be a critical element in preparing graduates to compete in the global war for smart talent,” said Professor Jane den Hollander in her contribution to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia’s report “Australia’s Future Workforce?”

Given the accountability of a university to deliver against these learning outcomes, a master’s degree opens you up to not only more career options, but may even spark a career idea of your own.

Here are five outstanding advantages University of Sydney students have experienced through postgraduate study:

1. Develop the skills to give you career options

Carrie Kassian’s Master of Public Health took her to Geneva for an internship with the World Health Organisation and opened up a whole new world of career opportunities outside of working in a hospital with patients.

“Doing the international public health program allowed me to gain some skills within research, doing high-level analysis that enabled me to go from working as a registered nurse to sitting at a table with members of the board and help make decisions that will ultimately impact the lives of patients.”

2. Use real-world application to solve global problems

In a completely different industry, Adrian Enright added to his undergraduate education in environmental science and economics to pursue his passion for the environment and work on the global issue of climate change.

“I knew that if I could combine (those) with the Master of Development Studies then I would be able to then put all those skills together and essentially, look after the environment but in a way that would engage big business and make a real difference.”

3. Build networks that cross cultural borders

Meeting other architects in Venice, Italy for the biennale gave architecture master’s degree student Matilda Leake the opportunity to share Australian architecture on a worldwide scale.

“It was the most inspiring trip and when I came home I felt like I could change the world with architecture, and for me going into the workforce that has given me I think a huge edge.”

4. Gain industry relevance for today and tomorrow

It was the international experience and perspective gained in Laos combined with the opportunity to complete a research project with an industry partner that led Master of Sustainability student Amira Hashemi to secure a full-time job in an industry she loves.

“My capstone research project at Fraser’s Property Australia fed directly into their sustainability strategy so I was very happy to have that implemented as a direct result of my research.”

5. Prepare for the future by determining it

Her passion for human rights has already led Hannah Solomons to engage with issues on a global scale through her master’s degree in law.

“My JD (Juris Doctor) enabled me to go to Cambodia to work for the UN which is pretty exciting. I got a chance to analyse and research law at a really interesting frontier level.

“So much happens at a global level today,” Hannah said. “We’re developing an international criminal justice system to speak up for the people who are the most horrifically treated. Being a part of that in various ways is what the JD helped me to do.”


Where can your University of Sydney postgraduate degree take you?

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

University of Sydney commits $60 million as first phase of $500M investment

The brightest minds will be brought together as part of a historic partnership agreement between the University of Sydney and Westmead precinct partners announced recently.

The partnership includes an initial commitment by the University of Sydney to contribute more than $60 million of funding for new education facilities, upgrades to existing spaces, and a suite of new academic programs and initiatives, in addition to its existing staffing contribution of $35 million per year at Westmead.

This increased contribution to the partnership will help ensure that clinicians, students and researchers at Westmead Hospital, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Westmead Institute for Medical Research and the Children’s Medical Research Institute will be able to continue to meet the needs of the expanding population and increasing health needs of Western Sydney, New South Wales and beyond.

The new facilities and programs will support the expanded expertise and educational opportunities available on the precinct in areas like data sciences, engineering, physics, business management, the social sciences and others.

NSW Health Minister the Hon Jillian Skinner was present at the announcement and welcomed the partnership agreement.

University of Sydney commits $60 million as first phase of $500-million investment

Sydney students to receive a boost in facilities and programs (Photo credit: University of Sydney)

“I congratulate the University of Sydney and all the Westmead precinct partners on this great partnership.  Students all across Westmead—who are our clinicians and researchers of the future—will enjoy the contemporary, flexible technology-enabled teaching, learning and working spaces that are being built as part of this partnership,” Jillian Skinner said.

The University of Sydney investment includes capital funding for

  • 5,000m2 across two floors of the Westmead Redevelopment’s new acute services building, to become the central location of the University of Sydney’s Westmead Campus;
  • an upgrade and expansion of the current Westmead Education and Conference Centre, within Westmead Hospital, to provide innovative and versatile learning environments;
  • refurbishment of student facilities, to improve the student experience at Westmead; and
  • a new simulation ward, which provides facilities for educating students in nursing, medicine and allied health, and training staff at Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

The university spaces will also be available for use by other precinct partners, giving them access to contemporary education facilities that are not currently available at Westmead.

The university is also working with the Westmead precinct partners to develop the proposal for the Westmead Innovation Centre. The Innovation Centre will be collecting and generating ideas and new solutions from patients, clinicians, researchers and other innovators and will be fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.

“This is such an important part of the university’s work in Western Sydney. A key focus of the next era of strategic growth for the University of Sydney will be in—and for—Western Sydney, and this is the early phase of what we anticipate will be a $500m investment over the next 15 years. Importantly, this investment will help us build on the university’s areas of strength with its partners at Westmead,” University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence said.

Welcoming the investment and the university’s role in helping address the healthcare challenges of the future, WSLHD Chief Executive Danny O’Connor said, “Westmead Hospital and the University of Sydney have had a long-standing partnership, dating back to the official opening of the hospital in 1978. This expanded commitment from the university means a greater opportunity to collect and generate ideas and new solutions from students in different disciplines as well as clinicians, researchers, patients and other innovators.”

“Co-locating the education and research activity with the clinical services space means Westmead will extend the quality of its education and research capability for the benefit of our patients and families in Western Sydney and beyond,” said Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Chief Executive Dr Michael Brydon.

The strength of the precinct partnerships has helped deliver on Westmead’s strong track record as a successful innovator in the delivery of healthcare, research and education and helped attract a talent pool that is now the largest concentration of biomedical, scientific and healthcare focused minds in Australia.

The investment is just one part of the $3.4 billion earmarked by government, universities and the private sector for investment at Westmead over the next decade, including new commercial and residential facilities and development of the Parramatta Light Rail.

Learn more about studying medicine and  nursing at the University of Sydney!

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Don’t miss the University of Sydney Virtual Fair!

Have you received an offer to the University of Sydney, or wondering it’s like to study in Australia?

If you’ve replied yes, then be sure to log in to the upcoming University of Sydney Virtual Fair for International Students on Thursday, October 13, 2016!

You are invited to Sydney’s second annual Virtual Fair for International Students. Wherever you are in the world, you can chat to the university’s friendly academic and admissions staff and have all your questions answered.

Don't miss the University of Sydney Virtual Fair!

Don’t miss the Sydney Uni virtual fair (Image: University of Sydney)

There will also be live video presentations about some of Sydney’s leading degrees and student life at Australia’s first university.

This online-only event will feature

  • chat booths to talk to admissions and academic staff;
  • interactive webinars about some of Sydney’s degree programs;
  • information from current students about what it’s like to study in Sydney—from accommodation to the best places to eat;
  • the opportunity to apply to study and have your application fee waived (eligibility criteria apply).

Start: October 13, 2016 – 4 a.m.
End: October 13, 2016 – 8 p.m.

Register for the University of Sydney Virtual Fair for International Students.


Do you have questions about this upcoming University of Sydney virtual fair? Contact OzTREKK at info@oztrekk.com!

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Sydney Faculty of Dentistry hosts Annual Dentistry Research Day

We are always impressed at the ability of our students, and once again, they’ve made us feel proud and delighted at their accomplishments!

On Thursday, Sept. 22, the Sydney Faculty of Dentistry hosted its annual Research Day at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre, where several former OzTREKK students were recognised.

Throughout the day, more than 400 students, University of Sydney staff and local health district employees attended the 22 presentations and viewed the 23 research posters, together these showcase the breadth and depth of research conducted by the University of Sydney.

Sydney Dental School

Sydney celebrates Annual Dentistry Research Day (Photo credit: University of Sydney)

The morning comprised oral presentations from dentistry staff and PhD students, with the afternoon sessions focusing on presentations from postgraduate and HDR students.

Presentations included

  • the impact of Big Data providing new opportunities for dental research in Australia;
  • brainstorming the future dental profession;
  • management of open bites;
  • bone tissue engineering applications;
  • intercellular cytoplasmic exchange; and
  • Role of cardiac transcription factor nkx2-5 in tongue development and regeneration—can tongue progenitors save the heart?

Research Day is recognised as important to Australia’s dentists, demonstrated by the generous support of the dental companies who sponsored the trade show, where networking during the breaks took place. A number of the presentations were recorded for podcasts by the ADA NSW for their recently developed series – The Dental Practitioner Podcast Series.

Prizes awarded during the day:

  • Best DMD Poster Presentation: Jane Chung, Jessica Fung, Ronald Ho and Claire Ko – Measuring the effect of acidic beverages on the torque to failure of resin modified glass ionomer (We spy some former OzTREKK dentistry students here!)
  • Best BOH Poster Presentation: Danya Darwiche and Marnie Hannon – Fresh start smiles for J&FMHN Long Bay correctional complex
  • Best DClinDent Oral Presentation: Hugh Lenehan – Evaluation of Westran pigs as an animal model for implant osseointegration and alveolar distraction using orthodontic forces
  • Best HDR Oral Presentation: Antonia Scott – The importance of the palatoglossal airspace on the quality of digital panoramic radiographs


Do you think the Sydney Faculty of Dentistry is right for you? Email OzTREKK’s Australian Dental Schools Admissions Officer Adam Smith at adam@oztrekk.com for more information!