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Friday, November 2nd, 2018

OzTREKK’s medicine students talk about their first impressions of Australia

You’re almost there! Only a few short weeks and you’ll be heading off to the Land Down Under!

We know you have a lot on your plates right now, but we’d like to encourage you by sharing former OzTREKK medicine students‘ first impressions of Australia and how they are getting along in their medical programs. No surprise—no one misses Canadian winters!

OzTREKK's medicine students talk about their first impressions of Australia

OzTREKK students (now at UQ Med School!) at our 2017 Predep Meet & Greet

Med students share their first impressions of Australia and their programs

Settling into Australia has been very easy thus far. I’m not missing the cold weather and snow in Canada all that much haha! – Monash medicine student, Aaron

Things are going great! I survived my first week of medical school and I’m really excited for what the first year of medical school will be like. It was initially really stressful moving in because of the many things that I had to do after landing, but all is well now. I have settled in pretty well and I’m really enjoying my time in Australia. I have met some amazing students and staff members and everyone is really helpful and supportive! – Monash medicine student, Simran

Things are going great.  I’m fairly lucky as my partner came with me and my dog arrives from Canada in a week so it is easy to make this feel like home!  I love the snow but its hard to miss the cold with the beach so close 😛 … I got the chance to head down to Byron Bay last weekend and that was definitely a highlight.  Its nice having it so close.  I will have to try make it a more regular trip when I have the time! – Griffith medicine student Kevin

Everything is been going well. Settling in with the workload and getting to know the coast quite well. Highlights have got to be the beaches and the surf. So different than home. – Griffith medicine student, Jonathan

Things are starting to be sorted now and I’m feeling more organized.  No time for fun for me. The program has been pretty full on. I’m definitely not missing out Canadian winter though. – Griffith medicine student, Julia

I have been good since moving down under. The first month was quite hectic, trying to settle in and get used to the Aussie way of life, but I think I have managed pretty well. I will say, they are not big fans of Winter Olympics here. Especially on the Gold Coast, all eyes here are to the Commonwealth Games in April. – Griffith medicine student, Nishu

So far it going pretty well. I haven’t stopped sweating since I’ve arrived, but I don’t miss the snow one bit. I’ve explored a bit, but plan on doing much more. The Gold Coast is just amazing. I’m finding things are going well, but it’s really picking up and a lot of work. I’m really enjoying it though. – UQ medicine student, Kate

I feel settled as our workload intensifies in week 2 but, I really enjoy the program. I don’t miss the snow one bit! I was able to do some exploring the week prior and went to the botanical gardens, koala sanctuary, and surfers paradise! I have to say, the koalas are to die for! – UQ medicine student, Kevin

Everything has been good! I made plenty of friends, explored the city. School has been manageable although disorganized, and I miss home a bit. Overall, it has been good. – UQ medicine student, Kevin

Don’t forget! We are hosting our 2018 Predeparture Meet & Greets starting this weekend!

Toronto: Saturday, November 3
Calgary: Saturday, November 11
Vancouver: Saturday, November 13


Don’t forget: You can get useful predeparture tips on the OzTREKK Boarding Pass!  If you have not yet received your invitation to attend an upcoming Meet & Greet, please contact your OzTREKK admissions officer or call 1-866-698-7355. See you soon!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Congratulations to our OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship winners!

Congratulations to our three 2016 OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarship winners:

University of Sydney Occupational Therapy School

Sharon Yeung is headed to Sydney OT School

Jannelle Chisholm, Bond University, Juris Doctor
Sharon Yeung, University of Sydney, Master of Occupational Therapy
Barinder Khehra, University of Sydney, Doctor of Medicine

If you missed it, we announced our winners December 16, 2016 via our Facebook page!

The OzTREKK Community Leaders Scholarships were created to assist students who have demonstrated leadership, compassion, and innovation in their communities. What we didn’t realise is that so many of you are so incredible! The task of choosing the top three was extremely difficult, but this is how we did it:

Bond University Law School

Future Bond JD student Jannelle Chisholm

Students were evaluated on their written letters and videos. It took approximately two months for our scholarship committee to review all applications. Many submissions had to be read/watched multiple times in order to absorb just how much some of the applicants had accomplished! In an office email, OzTREKK Director Jaime Notman commented that “there were a few jaw-dropping moments for me (where I read, re-read and re-read—again—to see if I was mistaken).”

The committee was truly blown away by the calibre of the applications! Such a of variety of community involvement, both on a local and a global scale, and there were certainly some applications that broke office silence—either with a laugh or a cheerful “wow!”

We also have to give a shout-out to the singers, the attempts at Aussie accents, and the didgeridoo players!

So what kind of community involvement did we see? A lot. Here are just a few examples:

  • CLOUD project, part of The NWC – Sustainable Travel for Impact and Community Development Projects in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Guyana
  • FITFAM – a health and fitness program to help encourage, educate and empower participants to live healthier lives, including weekly boot-camp class, nutrition challenges, health and wellness seminars, and sponsored 5K events.
  • Leader of a mobility fundraiser for wheelchairs delivered to Peru
  • Make Way For Me! Occupational Therapy for Children and Youth – Assisted in the creation, planning, and management as a Skill Development Summer Program, where program facilitators provided intensive services to address areas such as anxiety reduction, emotional regulation, social skills, printing development, and gross motor skills such as riding a bike.
  • President of the Caribbean Students Association – Raised awareness for the struggle of cultural integration, orchestrated events to raise money to donate to Haiti relief groups and donated backpacks to an elementary school in Saint Lucia.
University of Sydney Doctor of Medicine

Barinder Khehra will be studying medicine at Sydney Uni

The group evaluation was tough—the applications showed so much passion and purpose, we wanted to share the scholarship love with everyone! We watched many of the videos repeatedly, combed through written applications, and spent hours discussing and finally selecting the three winners.

It is difficult for the committee to express the appreciation we have for all of our applicants’ efforts. We understand many had likely taken weeks to plan and create their applications, and we want everyone to know we absorbed every detail.

Congratulations again, Barinder, Sharon, and Jannelle! OzTREKK is so proud of what you have accomplished thus far and we are excited to see the positive waves you’ll continue to make within your communities, even Down Under!


Best wishes to all our OzTREKK students—we know you’ll make a difference!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

OzTREKK student talks about Sydney Medical School

Current Sydney Medical School student Sean Hassan began his Australian journey in 2012 when he first contacted OzTREKK.

OzTREKK student talks about studying at Sydney Medical School

Former OzTREKK student Sean Hassan at our 2012 pre-dep seminar!

Like most medical students, he wondered which university would be best for him, and so he applied to several Australian medical schools. Unlike most medical students, however, Sean actually studied commerce before deciding on a career in medicine!

It’s amazing to watch our students throughout the process: from their first enquiries, to their applications, to watching them become professionals! We are so pleased for you, Sean!

And trust us when we say time flies: Just recently, Sean delivered a baby.

How does Sydney Medical School help? According to Sean, studying medicine at Sydney has great benefits for their students. Being a Sydney med student means

  • you will be prepared for a general internship;
  • you are encouraged to follow the path you are most passionate about;
  • you are encouraged be the “master of your own medical degree”;
  • you will see Sydney’s strong roots in global health (Sean had the opportunity to do a core rotation in Toronto!);
  • seeing research and clinical exposure go hand in hand;
  • being taught by lecturers who are at the top in their fields.

So how do you know which medical school is for you?

For Sean, the University of Sydney was the right fit. In the video below, Sean explains what he loves about the medical program, and how it has helped shape him into the doctor he wants to become!

About the Sydney Doctor of Medicine Degree

Sydney Medical School aims to produce medical graduates who are committed to rational, compassionate health care and medical research of the highest quality. The Doctor of Medicine program encourages enrollment of students from diverse backgrounds (even commerce!) and aims to help them to become graduates responsive to the health needs of individuals, families and communities and committed to improving the health care system at all levels.

Years 1 & 2 are spent primarily on the main university campus at Camperdown, but clinical training commences in the first weeks. For years 3 & 4, students are based in their clinical school. Clinical learning occurs at multiple widely dispersed sites (hospitals and community, metropolitan, urban and rural).


If you have any questions about Sydney Medical School, please contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Admissions Officer Courtney Frank at courtney@oztrekk.com.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

OzTREKK Bond physiotherapy students leading the way

Happy Tuesday! We are pleased to announce that five former OzTREKK students have received awards for academic achievement in the Bond Doctor of Physiotherapy program!

We love happy stories about our former students… and we love to share them with you!

Scott Willis Chan – Vice-Chancellor’s List for Academic Excellence (attaining a semester percentage of greater or equal to 85%) / *First in class

OzTREKK Bond physiotherapy students leading the way

Former OzTREKK student and current Bond DPT student Maichel Ghobrial enjoying his time in Australia!

Gabrielle Christine Van Der Woerd – Executive Dean’s List for Academic Excellence (semester percentage average between 82% and 84% inclusive)

Whitney Mills – Executive Dean’s List for Academic Excellence (semester percentage average between 82% and 84% inclusive)

Maichel Ghobrial – Vice-Chancellor’s List for Academic Excellence (attaining a semester percentage of greater or equal to 85%). Mike has done a student blog with OzTREKK! Check out his story: What’s it like to be a Bond Doctor of Physiotherapy student?

Darren Corea – Vice-Chancellor’s List for Academic Excellence (attaining a semester percentage of greater or equal to 85%)

Congratulations to all of you! All of us at OzTREKK are very proud of your achievements!

Wondering about Bond Physiotherapy School?

The physiotherapy program at Bond Physiotherapy School embraces a holistic approach, with a strong emphasis on communication skills, ethics and preventative management. Extensive clinical training ensures graduates will be able to effectively relate to and treat physical therapy patients and clients on every level. The program integrates the clinical, pathological and related sciences with the physiotherapy knowledge, skills and professional behaviours and attitudes required to examine, diagnose and treat physiotherapy clients.

Program: Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Next available intake: May 2018
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: TBA. For the May 2017 intake, the application deadline was August 11, 2016.

Apply now to Bond Physiotherapy School!


Do you have questions about studying at Bond Physiotherapy School? Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Physiotherapy Schools Admissions Officer Krista McVeigh at krista@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.