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Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Can you work and study in Australia at the same time?

So you want a job while studying?

Meet Sydney Jones, a JCU marine science student, originally from Texas. As an international student in Australia, Sydney has invaluable insight about what it’s like to study—and work—in Australia. Here are some tips from Sydney:

Can you work and study in Australia at the same time?

JCU Marine Science student Sydney Jones (Photo: JCU)

Whether you just need a bit of extra spending money or want professional experience, getting and having a job in Townsville, while you’re studying, may be more difficult than you think. It is difficult because of a couple of reasons.

  • As you are a student studies come first and it makes you less available
  • More than likely you don’t have a car and on campus jobs are scarce
  • Since the minimum wage is high employers expect more from you, especially when it comes to prior experience

While getting a job is difficult, it is not impossible. When my parents allowed me to come to school here there were a couple of conditions. One condition was that I needed to get a job and the other condition was that I could never get a car. Well, after my first semester I realized that getting a job was going to be difficult without a form of transportation and I got a car and a job. Now I know people who don’t have cars and have lived here without one for years and held jobs, but it is just something you need to consider and be realistic about. Also, while I’m thinking about it, if you think you can come here and find a babysitting gig I am sorry to tell you that it is incredibly rare for opportunities like that to come up. There is not a culture here of babysitting like there is in other places.

Alright now onto the advice:

  1. Know your work rights based on the visa you have: This is so important. If you violate the terms, your visa can be canceled and you will have your butt on a plane home in no time.
  2. Have a resume and cover letter prepared to give to employers: Make sure you look at resources online as to what Australian employers expect from a cover letter and resume as it is not universal.
  3. Follow up with businesses where you have dropped your resume off: Even stopping in to say hey might make the difference. A lot of people I know have gotten their jobs because they made a connection with one of the employees. Businesses want to know that you can work well with the rest of the staff and is someone that is easy to get along with.
  4. If you are granted an interview know what the business does and be ready to talk about it: I was surprised when I had my first interview and I got asked specific questions about the restaurant, I still go the job but I was thrown off initially as I just accepted it as a student entry level job.
  5. Use websites as well as just walking into businesses: Websites such as indeed, seek, JCU’s Career hub and spotjobs are useful especially in finding jobs for events such as Groovin the Moo, V8s, the races or for Cowboys games.
  6. Check out the JCU career center: The Careers and Employment center is located at the JCU library and the website also has a lot of awesome resources for students to use.

Before you go on your job hunt and just in general cause it’s awesome check out insiderguides.com.au for some great articles written specifically for International students. Alright so one last piece of advice I can give is to just be realistic and willing to put in the work to get and have a job here, it is a very rewarding experience. Happy job hunting!

Work rights while studying in Australia

You are allowed, as part of your student visa, to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight (every 2 weeks) during semester, and unlimited work rights during semester break. These monies earned are not to be your only source of income for tuition or living expenses, and some students find it difficult to have time for a job due to the university course workload. Balance is everything!

Spouses or common-law partners (dependents) can either work part time or full time, depending on the type of student visa you have.

If you are a postgraduate research student, you can work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during any preliminary courses you undertake. If you have commenced your masters by research or doctoral degree in Australia, there is no limit on the number of hours you may work.


Find out more about James Cook University and about how you can study in Australia!

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

The University of Melbourne would like to meet you at their virtual fair!

Are you wondering what it’s like to study at the prestigious University of Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne would like to meet you at their virtual fair!

Don’t miss the Melbourne virtual fair for international students March 22

Prospective international students and their parents are invited to join the university for an exciting online event to learn more about the University of Melbourne and their programs. If you haven’t applied to the university yet, and are just starting to consider your study options, this “virtual fair” is for you!

Event Details

University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Time: 6 – 9 p.m. (EDT)
Register: http://tiny.cc/melb_virtual_fair_2017

Chat with staff from Melbourne’s faculties and graduate schools to explore your study options and find out what makes the university consistently ranked one of the top 35 universities in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016), located in the world’s most livable city (The Economist 2016). You’ll have the chance to chat online with Melbourne’s friendly staff and students and find out all you need to know about degrees available, entry requirements, scholarships available, and much more!

This is a great opportunity to find out more about Melbourne’s popular schools:


Do you have questions regarding the upcoming University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students? Please contact OzTREKK at info@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Top 5 tips for international students starting at JCU

Heading to JCU Medical School or JCU Dental School? As a new international student, there are several things that you should know to make the most of your experience at James Cook University.

5 tips for international students starting at JCU

Make the most of your time at JCU!

1. Get connected!

Sign up to news updates via the university website. Join your host campus Facebook page or faculty group and connect with other students who are studying or planning to study in your program. When you arrive, you will find that you already have friends to help you settle in.

2. Plan your study: Prioritize!

With all the welcome distractions of university life, it is easy to lose sight of your academic goals. Planning your study can help to organise your time and priorities. The teaching style and academic standard may be different from what you are accustomed to, so be prepared for a change in study routine and teaching methods. Keeping on top of your studies will free you up to enjoy what your new environment has to offer.

3. Join in!

Moving to a different country gives you the opportunity to meet students of different backgrounds and cultures as well as learn about life in Australia. When you first arrive it is important to explore the community and meet people.

The groups and events on offer at JCU give you an opportunity to mingle and make friends with the local students as well as other international students. As an international student, know that you are not alone. There are currently more than 6,000 international students from more than 100 different countries enrolled at JCU. You may find others who share interests, beliefs and classes with you. Make the most of the opportunities to meet new people. Whether you are interested in playing football, speaking Spanish or cycling, there are many clubs you can be a part of. With the help and support of your fellow students, staff and International Student Support team you will fit in and make life-long friends.

4. Explore your host country!

Don’t return home with regrets. Make a list of all the attractions and locations that you would like to see and plan to make it happen! The best thing about traveling is discovering and experiencing new and exciting places. You will see extraordinary things, meet great people and create life-long memories. Make the most of it!

5. The support team is there to help!

Keep in mind that the International Student Support team at JCU here to help you. The support team acts as your first point of contact once arriving in Australia to study. They will support you and ensure your smooth transition to life and study at JCU.

JCU student services

Student services provide a variety of on-campus student support services which you can access at any point of your studies to assist you. Arriving early will allow more time to adjust to the culture and ensure the transition is a smooth experience. After arriving on campus either in Cairns or Townsville, please visit the Student Centre as soon as possible so that they can provide you with details of the JCU Orientation program.

Do you have questions about getting started at James Cook University. Contact us at info@oztrekk.com!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Griffith University is getting ready to welcome you!

Griffith University is ready to welcome you!

Attending orientation is the best way to start your studies at Griffith University and to meet the people who will become your friends.

Attend your school orientation session and international welcome session and register for workshops that will help you prepare for study. You can also register for Griffith Mates events that will help you meet fellow Australian and international students like yourself!

When is your Griffith Orientation?

Heading to Griffith Medical School? Your orientation will be held January 16, 2017!  If your classes are held during the regular trimester 1 schedule, your orientation will be held the week of February 20, 2017.

Why Canadians Enjoy Studying at Griffith

Griffith University is getting ready to welcome you!

Don’t miss your Griffith University Orientation

Griffith University is an award-winning industry leader in services and support for international students. Here are some of the services available to international students:

International Student Advisors
Griffith’s team of dedicated International Student Advisors offer personal support, advice and information on issues that can affect your life in Australia, and your studies at the uni.

Griffith Mates
The Griffith Mates are a team of Australian and international students dedicated to welcoming new students and enhancing your university experience. Mates come from a range of nationalities, speak more than 30 languages, and are there to support you throughout your Griffith journey.


Do you have questions about starting at Griffith University? Be sure to contact OzTREKK at info@oztrekk.com for more information!

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Getting ready to study in Australia? We got your back.

When we talk about pre-departure prep, we’re talking about the whole kit and caboodle: understanding your offer letter, OSHC, student visas, money, accommodation options, travel… and more! We also know that you are about to fly around the globe to the other side of the planet, and while this is an exciting time in your life, it’s also a bit stressful.

Getting ready to study in Australia? We got your back.

Former OzTREKK students during our pre-departure seminar


In a few short weeks, you will be an international student in Australia. An OzTREKK pre-departure webinar and in-person meet-up will guide you through the final steps as you prepare to live and study in Australia. It is also a great opportunity to meet other students who will be at your university, and in your program! Whether you have already accepted your offer, will be doing so in the next couple of weeks/months, or are yet to meet the conditions of your offer, you are invited to attend.

We strongly recommend that you attend a session!

OzTREKK’s Pre-departure In-person Events and Webinars

A few months ago, we surveyed current students, and one recurring suggestion was that OzTREKKers would like the opportunity to meet one another prior to landing in Australia. So, we’re taking that advice and are hosting a student meet-up and social event!

We have a fun event planned in Toronto and one planned for Vancouver as well, and you’re all invited! We are going to keep it casual, Australian and informative. We will have a few brief presentations, but the intention of the evening is for you to meet and build some lasting friendships. Don’t forget: meeting in person can equal meeting potential roommates and lifelong friends!

In-person OzTREKK Pre-dep Events

Vancouver: 4 p.m. Sunday, November 6
7 p.m. Sunday, November 13

OzTREKK Pre-departure Webinars

Think you might need to watch the webinar more than once? Be our guest and register for as many as you wish!

Tuesday, November 1 @ 4 p.m. EDT
Tuesday, November 3 @ 12 p.m. EST
Sunday, November 20 @ 8 p.m. EST

Check the time in your location with the Time Zone Converter.

Don’t forget: You can get useful pre-departure tips on the OzTREKK Boarding Pass

You will receive an email from your OzTREKK Admissions Officer for OzTREKK’s Pre-departure In-person Meet and Greet and Webinar details!

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Don’t miss the University of Sydney Virtual Fair!

Have you received an offer to the University of Sydney, or wondering it’s like to study in Australia?

If you’ve replied yes, then be sure to log in to the upcoming University of Sydney Virtual Fair for International Students on Thursday, October 13, 2016!

You are invited to Sydney’s second annual Virtual Fair for International Students. Wherever you are in the world, you can chat to the university’s friendly academic and admissions staff and have all your questions answered.

Don't miss the University of Sydney Virtual Fair!

Don’t miss the Sydney Uni virtual fair (Image: University of Sydney)

There will also be live video presentations about some of Sydney’s leading degrees and student life at Australia’s first university.

This online-only event will feature

  • chat booths to talk to admissions and academic staff;
  • interactive webinars about some of Sydney’s degree programs;
  • information from current students about what it’s like to study in Sydney—from accommodation to the best places to eat;
  • the opportunity to apply to study and have your application fee waived (eligibility criteria apply).

Start: October 13, 2016 – 4 a.m.
End: October 13, 2016 – 8 p.m.

Register for the University of Sydney Virtual Fair for International Students.


Do you have questions about this upcoming University of Sydney virtual fair? Contact OzTREKK at info@oztrekk.com!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

UQ supports international students with new online job search platform

We’ve got an interesting tidbit for all of you intending to study at UQ.

The University of Queensland’s Advantage Office has launched Global Grad, a new online job vacancy platform for international students.

UQ Careers Service Manager Daniel Capper said the platform provides international students studying in Australia access to international job opportunities.

UQ supports international students with new online job search platform

The University of Queensland’s Advantage Office has launched Global Grad, a new online job vacancy platform for international students (Photo credit: UQ)

“Global Grad presents amazing employment opportunities to our international students while in Australia and allows them to place an application directly with the employer,” Mr Capper said.

“The resource addresses a gap that previously existed for international students who are away from their home country and may feel somewhat disconnected.

“The platform highlights graduate opportunities in their home country, provides direct links to applications and identifies international employers who are actively recruiting.”

Mr Capper said there was already considerable interest from employers to use the platform, despite its infancy.

“In the six weeks the platform has been available, 358 employers have listed vacancies available for international students,” he said.

“Some of the well-known companies advertising on the platform include Amazon, EY, Adidas, PayPal and Wells Fargo.

“The quantity of listed vacancies on Global Grad indicates that international students studying at UQ are well regarded by employers.”

Mr Capper said the platform is very user-friendly and takes a lot of the hassle out of conducting job searches.

“The platform is extremely easy to use, with the ability to undertake a general job search or to filter based on country of citizenship or work rights” he said.

International students studying at UQ can register and search for international job opportunities.

International employers are also encouraged to register for Global Grad and host graduate opportunities on the platform.


Find out more about study opportunities at the University of Queensland!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Join the next Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students

Are you wondering what it’s like to study at the prestigious University of Melbourne? Not many of us in North America can hop on a plane to visit Melbourne’s beautiful campus to find out more about their programs, so they are bringing the information to you!

Prospective international students (and their parents and friends) are invited to join Melbourne for an exciting online event to learn more about the university.

Join the next Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students

Don’t miss the Melbourne Virtual Fair Sept. 27!

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Time: 7 p.m. (EST)

The Virtual Fair is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Australia’s number one university*. You’ll have the chance to chat online with Melbourne‘s friendly staff and students and find out all you need to know about courses, entry requirements and how to apply.

Register your interest and then log on to the Virtual Fair on Sept. 27 and find out more about the Melbourne experience!

How do I register?

Prospective students and their parents can register now at http://tiny.cc/melbourneVF.

What’s it all about?

The Virtual Fair is just like attending an expo on your computer! Registered participants will be able to

  • get information about the University of Melbourne, their courses and admission requirements;
  • get information about Melbourne—the world’s most liveable city—as well as accommodation options, and student support;
  • chat online with Melbourne staff and current international students to really get an understanding of what it’s like to study in Melbourne; and
  • see and hear video presentations from leading academics and current international students.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about Melbourne‘s popular schools:

*Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2016


Do you have questions regarding the University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students? Please contact OzTREKK at info@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Sydney Business School alumni welcome international students

Prominent Sydney Business School alumni will join a university-wide initiative to “introduce new students to some of the people and places that make Sydney one of the best cities in the world,” through the ‘Welcome to Sydney’ program.

The program sees alumni plan and host events for small groups of new regional and international students to encourage networking and friendships during the exciting, yet daunting start of semester.

University of Sydney Business School

Study at the University of Sydney

“When starting university, some students get lonely and leave their course half way through. The program’s purpose is to give a warm welcome to our students, particularly for those who haven’t been to Sydney before. We try to go above and beyond to make them feel welcome,” said Lily Meszaros, Manager of Volunteer Engagement.

“The ‘Welcome to Sydney’ program is working to increase the student experience, not just on the academic side. It’s all about inclusion and making them feel a part of the university,” said Ms Meszaros.

The ‘Welcome to Sydney’ program holds significant appeal to the Business School, where 60% of last year’s students were international.

“The Business School’s well-deserved reputation as a world leader in undergraduate and postgraduate business education with cutting edge dynamic programs is reflected in the number of international students choosing to join us,” said Dean of Sydney Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell.

“With this growing number of international students comes a responsibility to ensure that business school life is open, welcoming and, most importantly, inclusive,” said Professor Whitwell.

Business School alumna and 2015 ‘Welcome to Sydney’ host Emma Ringland said the program displayed a unique benefit of the University of Sydney.

“It’s a good way of letting alumni give back to the university in a meaningful, manner,” said Ms Ringland.

“I think this sort of low-key interaction between alumni and international students is a very good way of engaging these two quite different stakeholder groups of the business school,” said Ms Ringland.

“I was pleased that each of my four guests was from a different cultural background. This made for a really interesting discussion over lunch.”

Gundeep Khalon, an Indian exchange student in the Master of Commerce program, said the 2015 event helped him have the time of his life in Sydney.

“The host invited us to their home and took us for dinner at a surf club. I loved their hospitality and would recommend this type of event to all international students,” said Mr Khalon.

Proposed outings for this year’s program include dinner and fireworks at Barangaroo, a scenic walk through Manly and the Spit Bridge, or a visit to the Sydney Fish Markets followed by a Wentworth Park picnic.

Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney

The Sydney Master of Commerce will equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge required for a high-level position in industry, business and government. Whether your background is in business or in some other field such as arts, engineering or science, the MCom is the ideal degree to either fast-track your current career or take it in a new direction entirely.

The Master of Commerce offers great choice and flexibility, allowing you to develop the knowledge and transferable skills to advance your career in a wide range of specialisations. Offering solid grounding in the fundamental areas of business and 18 elective specialisations, the program will give you the scope to enter a wide range of business careers. After completing your foundation units, choose up to three areas of specialisation.

If you are new to business studies, this program offers the right combination of breadth and depth, and will equip you with an applied understanding of business concepts and practices.

Core specialisation examples (many more to choose from):

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Law
  • Business Sustainability
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • People, Management and Organisations
  • Project Management
  • Quantitative Finance

Degree: Master of Commerce
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intakes: March and July
Application deadlines: January 30 and June 30

Entry requirements

Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree or a graduate diploma/certificate from a recognized post-secondary institution and have a minimum of a 65% average.

Apply to the University of Sydney Business School!


For more information about Sydney Business School, please contact OzTREKK’s Australian Business Schools Admissions Officer Shannon Tilston at 1-866-698-7355 or shannon@oztrekk.com.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

University of Sydney has got some great new accommodation

Are you heading to the University of Sydney for the semester 1, 2016 intake? Wondering about accommodation? They’re boasting some brand new digs!

Check out the largest self-contained student accommodation facility of its kind ever built in Australia. The new Queen Mary Building opened its doors to 800 residents in July 2015. The residence features a range of fully furnished, self-catered single rooms. With features like sky lounges, an exciting residential life program and 24-hour support, the Queen Mary Building is the place to be to make the most of your time at the University of Sydney.

Opened in October 2015, Abercrombie Student Accommodation brings you contemporary on-campus studio apartments located just minutes from classrooms. The new student community in the heart of Darlington will house up to 200 students from Australia and all over the world.

Living on or near the main University of Sydney campus puts you right in the heart of student life, so you can make the most of your study and leisure time.

Enjoy your own space

Single rooms are great for settling down for some quiet time. Rooms come fully furnished with a bed, wardrobes and study area with access to shared bathrooms on each floor. You’ll even get your own mini fridge to stash away some midnight snacks!

Fantastic residential life events

At the Queen Mary Building, Sydney Uni makes sure to provide plenty of events to help you meet new people, support your studies and learn new things.

Right on campus

Short of setting up camp in your lecture theatre, on-campus living is closest you’ll get to living right next to your classes. You’ll be able to roll out of bed and be in class within 10 minutes!

Great facilities

Cook up a storm in the communal kitchen, get some assignments done in the study room and hang out with friends in the common lounges.

Safety and security

Staff are available around the clock to provide a helping hand, whether you’re locked out of your room or just need some support. Facilities have CCTV coverage, a 24-hour staff presence, electronic card access to rooms and intermittent campus security patrolling the site.


Need more information about getting ready to study in Australia? Be sure to log in to the OzTREKK Boarding Pass for more tips about accommodation, banking, arrival, and much more! Email us at info@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.